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New Patient Contact information : * Please note that we are currently limiting new patients on a case by case basis. After submitting this Demographics form it may take up to FOUR weeks to respond. If you have not heard back from our office,  please email us via our website. Thank you for your patience. 


Expecting your first child and want to choose an Aardvark Pediatrics ?

  • Our office can set aside time to have new parents come in prior to delivery and see our office and meet with Dr. Adler.  He can answer any questions you may have about the practice style . Please call or TEXT the office to schedule a time to come by and visit. 

       We are still accepting mainecare and self pay

  • Once your baby is born, the hospital will contact us and will forward all pertinent information to our office. If your child was born at home or a birthing house, this information will also be shared with our office with your permission. If the hospital has not given you a first visit date with our office (typically within 3 - 5 days of being discharged home ), please call or TEXT our main office number to set that up.

Have children who are already patients here and expecting another child?

  • New babies of an established family at our office are automatically considered a patient at Aardvark Pediatrics.

New to the area or transferring from another office?


  • Obtain medical records from your previous provider. Contact them for a release form (a signed release may be required) .

  • Try to have an immunization record in hand or sent to us before your first visit with our office please. Our office number, fax number and email are on the CONTACT US part of the website. 


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