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About Us:

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We are a small pediatric office in the western Maine mountains with ALOT of character 💙. Dr Adler has been providing wonderful pediatric care in Maine for over 17 years. He has over 22 years of general pediatric experience. His approach is highly supportive of parents' wishes and needs in respect to their children , while providing gentle guidance and understanding. Children and their parents are part of a team approach, where hearing the parents and child are the most important thing. Whether it is caring for your sick child, well child, or child with difficult behavior issues ; Dr. Adler has a supportive and non judgmental approach. Being a parent can be one of the most demanding and trying tasks of your life. At Aardvark Pediatrics we are here to listen and help :  ) 

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Sam Adler, MD

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Sharon Kangas: Practice Manager and everything Else!


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